The benefits of hydrotherapy treatments are many, ranging from total stress release, strengthening of the immune system, improved metabolic function and digestion. Hydrotherapy also enhances the penetration of other nutritional substances, and increases muscle tone and nerve functioning.

Hydro-lymphatic Drainage Plus
Melt your troubles away with our therapeutic Hydro-lymphatic drainage bath utilizing underwater jet massage therapy, enhanced by custom color therapy and aromatherapy. This therapy supports the bodiesÌ immune system and helps to alleviate stress and imbalance. Treatment 20 minutes
(30 min. booking time)
Hydro-Detoxification Scrub
The Basali' Detoxification Scrub aids in the bodyÌs natural elimination process. This treatment is especially beneficial for oilier skin types, utilizing the drawing power of salt. This is a highly invigorating session that includes an encapsulated steam treatment and custom Vichy shower cycle, maximizing the therapeutic benefits of hydrotherapy. Treatment 60 minutes
(75 min. booking time)
Hydro-Sugar Scrub
An exfoliating scrub recommended for drier skin types, the Basali' Sugar Scrub helps re-mineralize and moisturize the skin. This is a full-body scrub, followed by an encapsulated steam bath and Vichy Shower therapy maximizer. Treatment 60 minutes
(75 min. booking time
Hydro Swiss Massage Therapy
A unique two-phased, full-body experience, featuring a customized full-body massage, augmented by a Swiss Steam Shower hydro-massage. Our optimized waterfall treatment relaxes all of your muscle groups and leaves your body feeling invigorated and renewed. Treatment 60 minutes
(75 min. booking time)

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