Leadership & Licensing
About Our Owners

Chandra Adams/President: An examiner for the State of Wisconsin Cosmetology Examining Board for Aesthetics and an advanced education lecturer for the Aesthetics Division of the Wisconsin Cosmetology Association, Chandra Adams is a leader in the local beauty and wellness industry. Her background includes 20 years in many aspects of this exciting field, such as modeling, photo styling, cosmetic and body care retail sales, aesthetics, nail technology, nationally-known consumer brand guest make-up artist and technical cosmetic training. A business owner since 1989, her love and passion for the beauty and wellness industry has led to a natural desire to teach and share her expertise with others.

Michael Byun, M.D./Vice-President: As one of Chicago's leading plastic surgeons, Dr. Michael Byun is one of the region's reigning experts in facial and body rejuvenation techniques. He currently is an Assistant Professor at Rush University and Director of Pediatric Plastic Surgery at Lutheran General Hospital, in addition to owning his own successful practice in Chicago and co-owning the Basalií Dermal Institute. Additionally, he has published numerous articles and is the co-author of The Non-Surgical Facelift Book, and has presented at national and international plastic surgery conferences. Dr. Byun's association with Basalií will prove to be of an unparalleled benefit for Basali' students in becoming skilled aestheticians.

Basali' Dermal Institute's programs are approved by The Wisconsin Department of Regulation and Licensing, 1400 East Washington Avenue, P.O. Box 8935, Madison, WI 53708-8935,
(608) 266-5511

Application for accreditation through the National Accrediting Commission of Cosmetology Arts and Sciences will begin in 2008, after Basali' has been in operation for two years, as required by NACCAS standards.

Wisconsin Licensing Requirements
To receive a license in Wisconsin for Aesthetics and Manicuring, the student must:
  • Successfully complete the required amount of hours as stated by Wisconsin Department of Regulation and Licensing
  • Successfully pass a written and practical examination conducted by Continental Testing Services at an assigned testing site.
*Application fees are required to apply for all examinations.
*Please note that other states have different licensing and hour requirements than Wisconsin. If you are interested in becoming licensed in another state, please contact that state to receive licensing information and requirements or contact our admissions department for information.

Code of Conduct
Basali' Dermal Institute students are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner when interacting with staff, clients and other students. Our code of conduct for students is intended to promote a professional atmosphere while ensuring a positive educational experience for everyone.

The following behaviors are unacceptable and may result in termination from the school based upon administrative discretion:
  • Students must abstain from alcohol or drug use during all school hours.
  • Students may not engage in any negative violent behavior, harassment, offensive, abusive or derogatory behavior. Students must respect the rights of all employees, students and clients of Basali'.
  • Smoking is not allowed in the building or on the Basalií premises at any time.
  • Students may not refuse any assigned service and will be dismissed for the day.
  • Students are responsible for security of their personal items and student kit. Stealing or cheating is grounds for immediate termination of the program.
  • Students are responsible for safety and sanitation of their school environment in classroom and on practical floor.
If any Basali' policy is violated, the student involved may be given a formal written warning or terminated from the program. If a student is terminated from their program, they may make a formal appeal in writing to administration and interview with a school administrator and instructor before a decision is made. All cases are handled individually. A student may be required to resume a course of instruction in another program if their appeal is accepted.