Microcurrent Technology
Mature Skin Therapy
Microcurrent Technology tones facial muscles and nourishes skin, brightens complexion, increases hydration and restore elasticity. When done in a series of 6 to 8 treatments results are considered permanent with monthly follow up maintenance treatments. Treatment 50 minutes
(60 min. booking time)
single session
Mature Skin Intensified Therapy
A more extensive treatment, this version of the Microcurrent Technology facial also addresses issues with skin texture, sun damage and fine lines. This session includes a light therapy treatment which stimulates collagen and elastin, as it thicken the skin, brightens and evens out and balances the skin, Dermabrasion is also used to optimize the effectiveness of the overall treatment by reducing the layers of the epidermis through a controlled evenly applied mechanical exfoliation process, thus enhancing product penetration. Treatment 80 minutes
(90 min. booking time)
$140 per session (for a series of 6 - 8 treatments)

Hours of Operation
Call for start dates - Clinical aesthetics program

Tuesday - Saturday
Appointments strongly recommended.