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Basali´ Restore & Renew Bath Salt is a natural energizer, combining Dead Sea Salt with 100% pure organic essential oil of rosemary verbenone to awaken the senses while detoxifying the body. This therapeutic grade blend alleviates tired muscles, rebalances brain activity, detoxifies the lymphatic system, stimulates metabolism and restores energy to the body.

Rosmarinus Officinalis. Rosemary Verbenone. Widely used in Mediterranean cooking, fresh or dried leaves are used to flavor meat, soups, stews and tea. In skin care, it has a stimulating effect — helping to tighten skin and reduce puffiness. May not be suitable for people with epilepsy or high blood pressure due to its stimulating action, and should also not be used during pregnancy. Benefits: Feel a cold or flu coming on? Add 1/4 cup of both Relax & Renew and Restore & Renew Bath Salt to your bath and let the body sweat it out.

How to use
Run a warm bath. For best results, add 1/4 cup* bath salt once you are comfortably situated in the water. The essential oils begin to evaporate immediately upon dispersion into the warm bath. To rid the body of toxins, add 1/2 cup* to the water. *Amount may be adjusted based on amount of water.

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Size: 240 ml / 8 oz

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